Top 5 Cinemas in London


Top 5 Cinemas in London


Movie lovers: Some of us like to watch movies in the comfort of our house, but here in Come2England we also enjoy going to the cinema and watching our favourite movies in the big screen. We made a list of our favourite cinemas in London for you; check out the best luxury cinema we found if you want to enjoy the movies in the big screen while being as comfortable (or even more) as at home.

Top 5

Come2England’s top 5 cinemas in London, we give you a list of our favourites, from chains to independent cinemas across the city. Check it out and tell us what you think.

1. Electric Cinemaselectric cinema, top 5 cinemas in London

We are placing both Electric Cinemas in the number one position, the original one in Portobello with its comfy sofas, armchairs and beds; and to the former Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch.

Enjoy comfort, cosiness and being pampered with these great cinemas experiences.

Electric Portobello

Address: 191 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am – 8:30pm; Sunday 10am – 8:30pm
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Electric Shoreditch

Address: 64-66 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DP
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 9:30pm
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rio cinema, top 5 cinemas in london2. Rio Cinema

Rio Cinema it’s all about genuineness. Rio (former Dalston) it has been showing movies since before 1915, it’s an independent movie house most of time playing independent foreign films.

Address: 107 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB
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3. Everyman Screen on the GreenThe_Screen_On_The_Green, top 5 cinemas in london

As all the Everyman Cinemas this one is considered king of luxurious, thanks to the 48 super comfortable sofas seat with footrests. They have a bar at the back of the screen and a lot of history as this cinema opened in 1913.

Address: 83 Upper Street, London N1 0NP
Opening Hours: 30 minutes before the first film of the day.
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The Phoenix Cinema, top 5 cinemas in London4. The Phoenix Cinema

This is another old but pretty cinema. Opened since 1912, the Phoenix Cinema has been operating continuously since then. It’s been a community cinema since 1985 and it’s run by a charitable trust. It usually plays independent and foreign films.

Address: 52 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ
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5. Ritzy Picturehouse Cinemaritzy, top 5 cinemas in London

Thanks to its friendly staff, its mix between mayor commercial movies and independent ones, and its nice Café, Ritzy Picturehouse is one of our favourite cinemas is London. It has 5 screens and it’s located in the heart of Brixton.

Address: Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, London SW2 1JG
Opening Hours: 15 minutes before the start of the first film of the day
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everyman, top 5 cinemas in London

The independent network of boutique cinemas Everyman is known by its quality and luxurious venues, with highest standards for comfort and entertainment. It currently has 13 venues across the UK and plans to keep growing and opening new screens in the next two years.

To check all the information about the Everyman Cinemas check their website.

The best cinema for luxury experience for us is Everyman Hampstead with its 2 screens and lounge area. As others Everyman cinemas it offers armchairs and sofas (standard), two-seater deluxe sofas (club-suites) and leather armchairs (gallery). The lounge area can be rented for private screenings or parties up to 15 adults; the seating and table arrangement are flexible.

Everyman Hampsteadeveryman cinema, top 5 cinemas in London

Address: 5 Holly Bush Vale, Hampstead, London NW3 6TX
Opening Hours: Every day from 12pm
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Now that we have shared our top 5 list, it would be great to hear some opinions! Tell us about your favourite cinema in London, we may want to go a check it out. 🙂
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