Tips for interviews


Tips for interviews


Come2England’s team have got a large experience about interviews. Long time ago we faced interviews you are doing now. We know how you feel and we have some tips to transfer your fears to self-confidence. Our knowledgment is also taken from all the books we have read as well as other advice that people from human resources have given to us. In the next pharagraphs you will find 10 tips which will make you the perfect candidate.

1. SMILE! When you will attend the interview you will feel nervous, but you cannot show it. Always smile, be confidence and relax. No one likes see sad faces, they will just hire you if you can give them a smile and positive actitude.

2. SELF-CONFIDENCE. This is just about you and your energy when you are in front of your future boss. Your CV can be the best one the interviewer is holding in his hands but if you looks a weak candidate, you will miss that opportunity!

3. FLEXIBILITY AND EASY TO ADAPT. Your priority in life is that interview that you are attending. You will offer to your boss 100% availability and flexibility for a second interview or anything he can ask you.

4. LOOKING GOOD. Jeans and a jacket may be enough for a no very formal interview. We recommend to girls to tie her hair as well as do not make up too much. On the other hand, it will be better for boys if they have no beard. If you have got one, this should looks very tidy and clean.

5. ASK TO TALK TO THE MANAGER. Whenever you go for an interview ask always to talk to the manager. If the manager is not in the store, ask to any staff when the manager will be available and come back at that time.

6. YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK UNDER PRESSURE. This is a MUST in your interview. You must say this to get an extra point in your interview.

7. YOU ARE A QUICK LEARNER. No one wants to spend time teaching others for so long in a business, you get everything very fast!

8. YOU LOVE WORKING IN A TEAM. A good team work environment is another MUST in any kind of business, everyone knows this. Your boss as well. You are a person easy to get along with and you love to work with other people!

9. PLEASE, THANK YOU AND SORRY. Introduce these words to your vocabulary. Nothing else to add!

10. YOU ARE ITS BEST CANDIDATE. This is true. No one is better than you for the position that you are applying for! Do not be afraid of the other candidates, with all these tips we have given you, you will get the job!



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