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Every year more and more foreigners decide to move to London for many different reasons: to improve their English, to have a working experience abroad or to embark on a new exciting adventurE. Whatever your reasons to move to London are, Come2England is here to help you taking your first steps within the British society, making your experience as easy and as much fun as possible!

We aim to help you to reach your goals, providing you all the essential tools. We can help you translate your CV, prepare a successful cover letter, and also we invite you to take part an our exclusive Business English Workshop which will definitely help you prepare yourself for your new professional experience.

Our agents boast a wealth of experience and, thanks to the countless contacts in various fields, we can provide you the essential tools to ease your research. Furthermore, Come2England offers you a team of young professionals who came to London years ago sharing the same hopes and fears as you do. We are aware of the first difficulties you may encounter and thanks to our international team we understand your requirements and will satisfy your requests in a professional way.


Job Basic

Our basic program is ideal if you want to find a new job in London quickly and efficiently
Job + English course
£159 + course price

 This program includes all services of the basic programme plus one of our selection of English

Job + Accommodation

 All services of the job basic program plus exclusive and comfortable  accommodation research.

Plus Job
£289 + course price

 Includes a full assistance: job and accommodation research plus one of our selection of English courses


Professional CV drafting

We will draft and edit your CV in a professional way and according to the British standards. Remember that your CV is your ID here; it is what identifies you, your tool to gain the manager’s attention.
Our agents will prepare your CV in order to highlight your past experiences and personal qualities. Once you arrive at our agency – right in the heart of London – you will find your CV ready to be printed out so that you can start your job research immediately from your very first day here in London.

Access to key information

Getting benefit from the wealth of knowledge that our agents has collected during their experience, we will provide you all the suggestions and key information you need in order to make your research the easiest and most effective possible.

UK SIM card

Being always available is very important, that’s why we will give you a British sim card as soon as you arrive in our offices.

Professional training and coaching

Finding a job might be a real challenge sometimes as London is a big and competitive city. Come2England will help you with a professional preparation: our goal is to train you on developing your personal skills, and show your best during a job interview. We will give you tips and basic rules so that you will be ready to face any interviews. Our programmes are addressed to those who want a professional experience abroad and are conscious that the most important factor in finding a new job is showing the right attitude. Our training courses are good for any sector, not only catering.

National Insurance Number assistance

The National Insurance Number is an identification number which will register you in the employment offices here in London. It will also allow you to claim a tax-refund on deductions made from your salary.

Bank account appointment

Opening a new bank account in London is not always easy and the process might be long. Thanks to our collaboration with the most important banks you will be able to have a British bank account in your first weeks.

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