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Nowadays, having a professional experience abroad is a MUST for every young professional. Come2England will help you with your internship research in London in order to find a placement in your preferred field.

internships in London

Internships in finance, marketing, administration, international business, PR, communication, sales, tourism and HR are just a few examples of internship we can help you to find in London providing you all the essential tools to ease your research. Furthermore, as our client you will benefit from an exclusive Business English Workshop which will prepare you for your new professional experience.
Thanks to our partnerships with many companies and public institutions (both in the UK and across Europe) we have gained plenty of experience in managing European projects such as Leonardo LLP, Erasmus Placement, YiA and many more.
We will assist you step by step from your arrival in London, also giving you some suggestions for your free time. *Please note that in order to be completely transparent to our customers we would like to clarify that this is based on an evaluation of a study of the clients we had over the past few years. Come2England cannot under any circumstances guarantee you an internship: it is up to you and your level of English, your professional background, commitment and dedication. Please note that Come2England services DO NOT include the scheduling of internship interviews as this is an illegal practice according to the law “Employment Agencies Act 1973”. Our services provide professional training and linguistic preparation together with assistance in bureaucratic matters.

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Our agents boast a wealth of experience and, thanks to the countless contacts in various fields, we can provide you the essential tools to ease your research. Furthermore, Come2England offers you a team of young professionals who came to London years ago sharing the same hopes and fears as you do. We are aware of the first difficulties you may encounter and thanks to our international team we understand your requirements and will satisfy your requests in a professional way.


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