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Of course you know how to write an email or answer a phone call . But do you know how to do it in a professional manner here in England, in English?
People here in the UK are known all over the world to be extremely polite. It is therefore essential to know how to say things in a polite manner without upsetting your customers or colleagues.
In this workshop you will learn to be professional and efficient in the office. You will know how to introduce yourself to people properly, treat customers on the phone formally, write professional letters and emails and learn what to do and what not to do in the office. Furthermore, we will have a look at certain standard expressions and phrases which are being used on a daily basis when dealing with customers. Most of all, you will gain the necessary confidence to work successfully at your new workplace whilst treating customers with the necessary respect in a friendly and professional manner.
You will do role-plays to give you the opportunity to learn and practice your new knowledge and you will receive an attendance certificate upon successful completion of the course which can be added to your job application documents.
This workshop is presented in a fun and dynamic way to help you make the most of your internship.

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Kirsten, Come2England teacher

“The most interesting, useful and funny way to learn Business Etiquette”, that’s the common feedback our students gave us about the workshop!


From £80 pw From £25 per hour From £50 per session 7.5h pw 15h pw 25h pw 30h pw From £90 pw
From £85 pw From £100 pw From £150 pw From £195 pw
*FREE conversation classes available *minimum English level required: Upper Intermediate
*discounts available for booking of 2 or more weeks*prices may vary according to promotions and availability
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