Registering with the Doctor in London

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Registering with the doctor in London


Do you live in London but you haven’t yet registered with a GP? Let’s see together how to do it!

The NHS is the National Health Service inthe UK and provides health care to the population. To benefit from this service you have to register with a GP surgery.

Come2England recommends you to do it because it’s free and very important!!

What is the GP?doctor
A GP is a General practitioner. GPs look after the health of people in their local community and they are experts in family medicine, preventative care, health education, etc. You have the right to choose a GP practice.

How can I choose a GP?
First of all, you have to choose the GP surgery that you want to register with and check that it covers the area where you live. It’s very important that you choose the GP carefully. It’s essential that you and your doctor have good relations and communication and you should be happy with your GP!! Looking for all the different options you have could help you to find the right GP. Compare GP according to facilities, services or performance and ask friends, relatives and others you trust for their recommendations.

Here are some tips for you tElectronic_stethoscopeo choose your GP:
Some people want a
GP very close to their home, for example, because they think on visiting it often. Others, indeed, prefer a doctor close to their workplace. So, this could be a first question to consider in order to choose the best GP for you. Consider how easy it is to get to the surgery. Is it well served by public transport? Does it offer parking? This may matter when you’re ill or caring for sick children.
In addition, for many, opening times are more important than location. Whether the GP surgery is open before or after normal working hours or during the weekends are important questions for those who work full-time. So, check the opening times of the GP surgery you are interested in.
But remember: no matter how convenient a GP surgery may seem, always check its performance before registering with it. In fact, each GP surgery listed on the NHS Choices has a set of pages where you can check how well they perform.

Registering with a GP
Once you have chosen a GP surgery, contact and ask to register with them. They usually ask to complete a form providing details such as your name and address, your date of birth, your NHS number (if you know it) and other information, such as the name and address of your previous GP. Furthermore, some GP can ask you to see proof of your identity (for example your passport or driving license) and a proof of your address (such as a recent council tax bill or util
ity bill that you have recently received to your address). If you want to see a GP and you are visiting an area for more than 24 hours but less than three months, you can apply to register with a GP as a temporary resident. You will be registered with the GP surgery, rather than an individual GP. If you prefer to see a specific GP, the surgery can note this in your records. If so you may have to wait longer to see your preferred GP and see someone else if your favourite GP is unavailable.
Sometimes you may not be able to register with the GP you have chosen, for example if you live outside the area that the surgery covers or if the surgery is not accepting new patients.
In addition if you aren’t happy with the GP you have chosen you can always change to another one.

I need to see a doctor but I haven’t yet registered with a GP
If you haven’t yet registered with a GP but you need to see a doctor you can visit a walk-in centre or a urgent care centre. These can provide treatment for minor injuries or illnesses.

In conclusion, Come2England  recommends you to register with a GP as soon as possible and hopes to have helped you clarifying your ideas on this important service 🙂