Being Hipster in London


Being Hipster in London


If you have a look in any street of East London you can know the major hipster things in common to finish off the look: beards and tattoos; preferred method of transport: skateboard or a fixed bike; the old man look is perfect for man: high rise jeans, braces, tweed, wool jumpers, colourful socks and trench coats.

Just pop into one of the many vintage shops in East London: Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market and Dover Street Market. And never go to centric places, every London hipster knows that Oxford Street is a no-go. There is no reason to wrestle tourists at Oxford Street. For hipster-approved you only can buy unique vintage pieces and independent designers clothes in.

Eating is also cool and instagramming your meal more! Under the hashtag #foodporn post a picture of your hipster organic and fair trade burger. You’ll save lives whilst giving yourself indigestion.

If you are not a 20 something years old introvert writing conceptual poems about his/her damn upper class live sitting in the pavement of the last rooftop in Dalston. We give you the 10 keys to become a real hipster one. Good luck.

1. Moustache or beard for men


Hipster-Beard-400x470 beard-mustache









2. Glasses or sun glasses even if it’s not sunny

hipster sunglasses

3. Crazy long colourful hair and floral crown

girlz girl









4. Second hand clothes and if you dress in couple, double cool!

couple5. Colourful tattoos everywhere


6. Bikes or skate choose one to go everywhere in East London











7. Always sitting on the pavement


8. Hat, braces, rolled-up and trainees a must

bracelet9. Drinking in jam jars, no more glass if you wanna be cool


10. Listen music in vinyl


Hipster: Global tribe of urban 20 and 30 somethings that in their quest to be different, have become virtually identical. Go into any hipster venue and you will see.

If you are tire of this subculture movement (trust me in London you can be… they’re everywhere!) you have two options: One. Become one: so go to Brick Lane asap for your second hand clothes and your yonki beer or Two. Kill the hipster: we can do as they did in New York and capture them!


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