What we do Come2England

Come2England will help you with every step: from the moment you decide to embark on your adventure in London to the moment you arrive and start your course, job or internship.

Thanks to our personal experience we know all about the difficulties you might encounter at the beginning of your stay in such a dynamic and fast-paced city like London, and therefore we provide you with all the necessary tools you need to make your first period in the city as easy as possible- regardless of your level of English. Aiming to lead you into the right direction with regards to the right job for you and also help you to deal with your new life in the UK.

Our team has been selected because of their individual and unique experience in international affairs. We are at your services and are always ready to listen, to give advice, support and guide you in the most productive way and, where possible, even  in your native language.

We take care of everything from accommodation to job search assistance and English language courses. We also offer many other important services, for example opening a bank account and obtaining a National Insurance Number, both are required for finding a job, and provide useful assistance especially at the beginning of your time in London, like GP enrollment procedures, UK Sim card etc.  We will assist you with the bureaucratic necessities required in the UK so you can concentrate on your new life over here.

What really sets us apart is our exclusive and customised tutoring assistance and our unique training service. We will carefully guide our customers through job interview simulations in English and advise on job interview skills to increase the chances of finding the right job as quickly as possible.

Given the different and specific needs of each individual we offer several programmes and packages designed to provide the best possible customised assistance. Feel free to  us for any further information.