FAQ Come2England

  • How’s the job market in London? Are there many job offers?

London, one of the most important capitals in the world, welcomes millions of foreigners every year, giving them a chance in the “Big Smoke”.
It embraces almost 8.500.000 people and just its urban area alone covers a very lively 1.800.000 km2. In 2013 London became the most visited city in Europe which means increasing requirements for high standards by demanding tourists. It is only logical that with this huge amount of people a high staff turnover in the job market is an ongoing process…

  • Do I need any specific documents to work in the UK?

To legally work in the UK it is necessary to get the National Insurance Number (NIN).
This is a personal account number which registers you with the social security system in the UK. As long as you are a citizen of one of the countries of the European Union you won’t have any problems obtaining your NIN. You will only need your ID or passport, a proof of your address in London and some other kind of proof of your identity.
If you are from a non-European country you will need to check with your embassy about the documents required to legally work in the UK.

  • What’s the average salary I can expect?

As you know, London is an expensive city, people usually complain about high fees of accommodation and transport, the basic needs for everyone. However, most of the job positions in which you can work will offer salaries that accommodate these outgoings, allowing you to face day to day situations…

  • How long will it take me to find a job?

That really is up to you! Analysing the high numbers of customers we have had, this factor hugely depends on your work experience, your level of English and, the most important: your attitude and motivation.
On average our clients find a job in less than two weeks. Our recruitment specialist will offer you daily vacancies and as soon as you complete the instructions you will receive more. We work if you work! It actually happens that really motivated clients find a job within their first 48 hours of being in London. So, if they can, you can too!

  • What if I don’t find a job?

If you put in the right amount of motivation and follow the instructions we give during our training you are not going to have any problems with your search for a job as London is a huge city with hundreds of vacancies in all different sectors. No client has ever spent more than two months securing a job with our job assistance, so…why should you be the first one?

  • My English is basic, what kind of job can I do?

We have been working effectively for many years with the catering sector. In fact, we became experts in this market in London and are able to offer you all the vacancies and contacts that you need. There are many positions that do not require a high level of English, such as kitchen porter, runner or cleaner. Working in these positions will get you the money you require to live in the capital and you will improve your English at the same time.

  • What’s the difference between the job and the internship programmes?

At a time when the labour market in your country doesn’t offer many opportunities going abroad is a valuable alternative for young Europeans. A good starting point for this new international experience might be having the chance to improve your professional skills through an internship. On the other hand, looking for a job might be another valuable option…

  • Are the internship paid?

If this is your first experience in the UK you are unlikely to find a company willing to offer you a fully paid internship. Many of our partners offer benefits to their interns such as commissions, travel costs and lunch but the benefits vary depending on each company.
In order to allow you to survive in London and get the best out of your internship experience we usually try to work with students who can benefit from European or private scholarships such as Erasmus Placement and Leonardo Da Vinci…

  • Am I going to get a contract after my internship?

Starting an internship abroad is not only a good chance to improve your professional skills but it’s also a great opportunity to make your way into the job market.
At the end of your internship period you can ask your host company to provide you with a reference which certifies the activities carried out during your stay. Remember that your main goal is to gain a professional experience abroad which will enrich your CV according to your field of studies.
Everybody would like to get the chance to being offered a work contract after doing the internship and we are happy to say that some of our clients did! The most important thing is to show your manager a good and proactive attitude, be interested and make your own contributions to your team. In the end, we all know that personal initiative and enthusiasm are skills that will eventually pay back!

  • How can I choose the best accommodation option for me?

First of all you have to define and set your goals (holiday, business trip or living in London). You also need to know the length of your stay (short or long term) and your budget. Depending on your criteria you can choose the best option for you. There are three types of accommodation in London: flat share, students’ residence and home stay. We will help you to figure it all out and will provide the most suitable accommodation for you. Click Here for more info.

  • I want to do an English course but I don’t know which type is best for me, can you help me?

Come2England offers three types of English courses: Come2England English course in London focusing on job research and job interview skills, our Business English Workshop and various other English courses in London at English Academies. You will have to analyse your goal to find out what is the best English course for your requirements.
Do you need an intensive English course to refresh your knowledge of English and to be ready to start your job interviews? Then your best choice is the Come2England English course in London.
Do you want to know how to manage yourselves in a business environment? The Business English Workshop is the answer!
Do you want to improve your knowledge of General English or do you want to take an official exam (IELTS, FCE, CAE etc.)? You can choose an English course in London at one of our prestigious partner academies and get exclusive discounts.

  • Why should I choose Come2England?

Come2England is an international company which will help you during the first steps of your life in London. The efficiency and quality of our services are based on our ability to create customised programmes. Our aim is to meet every requirement and advise you on every step of your journey. We take care of all of our customers and do the best to make your arrival easier. We already have many satisfied customers and you can read their testimonials here.