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Internship opportunities in London

In Come2England we have a lot of interesting histories, but this one is so special.
Lucia arrived to London with a lot of positive energy. Her goal: finding an internship in Human Resources or, as a second option, administration.
During her first week she had already gotten two interviews, one for each of the sectors she was interested. She was not really sure about the interview for the administrative position, but thanks to our insistence, she decided to go anyway.
At the end, it was the better option for her, even having done other interviews for other companies and positions! But, now she is going to tell us everything about her experience:
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Why did you decide to come to London?office
I decided to come to London because I could not find improvement in my professional career, so, I came here to improve my English and to find a new opportunities and challenges.
How long did it take you to find an internship?
As soon as I arrived in London, I contacted Come2England to make the search for my internship faster. Within two weeks I had my first interview and just 4 days later I started my internship.
How is your internship going?
Since the first day I feel into the team, performing different tasks in different departments.
Are you satisfied with our service? 
Sure! I would recommend to anybody that wants to find a quality internship in the shortest possible time.
Do you have any advice for the people who are moving to London?
Yes. Attend interviews even if you think it will not be useful for you. Firstly, helps you gain experience, and secondly, it may be what you’re looking for!
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